Smooth - Natural Moisturising Cream (250ml) #moisturisingcream
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Smooth - Natural Moisturising Cream (250ml) #moisturisingcream

Smooth - Natural Moisturising Cream (250ml) - Afrocenchix

Smooth - Natural Moisturising Cream Our moisturising hair cream is specifically formulated to hydrate dry and frizzy curls. Our naturally derived formula is the perfect product for growth as it nourishes, softens and revives curly and Afro hair to make styling easy. Smooth is also great as a leave-in conditioner, provides maximum moisture for easy manipulation of the hair and closes hair cuticles to retain maximum moisture. Contains 97% natural ingredients! How To Use     Apply Smooth moisturising hair cream to damp hair after washing and conditioning, massage down the hair strands, whilst finger detangling, then style as desired. Follow with Seal to lock in the moisture. For daily moisture, apply to dry hair with a focus on the ends. For twist outs, section hair, detangle, apply a penny size of Smooth and twist. Unravel twists using Seal to prevent frizz. 


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